The Membership Program of MUHNAC - National Museum of Natural History and Science, aims to contribute to the connection between the Museum and society, creating means of active and enthusiast participation for a large group of individuals or interested supporting groups.
The program focuses on a one-year pass, whose price matches the annual pass to the Museum and the Botanical Garden, although the first grants a much wider range or rights:

a) Free entrance and unlimited access to all the exhibits in the museum during the normal schedule. This includes the main building of the museum, the Botanical Garden and prearranged visits to the Astronomical Observatory.
b) Executive events to the Friends of the Museum
c) The bulletin and other information aimed towards Friends of the Museum given by the Museum
d) Participation in activities arranged by the Friends of the Museum, including the possibility of being heard and influence its structure;
e) Access to a future room reserved to friends, volunteers and museum's employees, with publications and Internet.
f) Right to invite six adult friends to visit the Museum each year.
g) 10% discount in activities from the Service of Education and Cultural Animation e in purchases at the Museum's Store.
h) Possibility of getting discounts in other museum's activities and initiatives.
The Program comprehends the whole museum, but Members may organize themselves in clubs or groups, more or less informal and with a specific set of interests, like Botanical Garden, Mineralogy or Mathematics.
The participants of this Members Program will have the opportunity to select a Members Council, with the objective of promoting initiatives, cooperate in the recruiting of new members and pursuing the Museum's mission in establishing a permanent connection with its management.
The participants of the volunteer program are automatic integrated in the Friend's Program.
Associations or friend's leagues, either future or already existing, with their own juridical personality, that want to associate themselves with the promotion of the Museum's mission will be able to join the Membership Program.